Raleigh, NC Hardscaping

Bullock’s Hardscapes is a full service hardscaping company serving the Raleigh area. As the scenic capital of our home state, Raleigh continues to grow in size and beauty with each passing year. Whether it be the suburban communities spread all throughout Raleigh or the upscale homes in and around downtown, our team loves to provide North Carolina’s best hardscaping services for your property. When it comes to hardscaping in Raleigh NC, there isn’t anyone doing it better than Bullock’s Hardscapes!

Bullock’s Hardscapes is a family owned business based in Raleigh, NC who takes pride in industry leading craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Since 2020, Bullock’s Hardscapes has been serving Raleigh and its surrounding communities in all things hardscaping! With each new transformative and beautiful hardscaping project, Raleigh takes one step forward in beauty and design. Contact our team today to see what we can do for your Raleigh residence!

Bullock’s Hardscapes Hardscaping Services

Bullock Hardscapes offers a wide variety of hardscaping services for Raleigh area homes. We previously have done hardscaping projects for homeowners all over North Carolina, with services ranging from pool design to retaining wall installation. We know that each project has its own unique vision and will meet with you to find a solution to your specific requests.

Our Raleigh Hardscaping Services Include:

  • Professional Landscape Design
  • Pool Design and Installation
  • Deck Design and Installation
  • Paver Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Pavilions
  • Pergolas
  • And More!


Our Raleigh hardscaping team will ensure that your dream property will come to life through a Bullock’s Hardscapes project. One of the many benefits that stem from a new Raleigh hardscaping project is that the curb value of your property will increase, along with its beauty! Increasing your property value is always a must in today’s economy and we love to make that happen at Bullock’s Hardscapes! We also help to stay within your budget while providing you revolutionary end results.

High Quality Raleigh Hardscaping Company

Bullock’s Hardscapes contractors take pride in their work and only use industry leading materials and techniques in your hardscaping project so that you finish with the best look possible. Similarly, we use long lasting materials that will last for years to come so that you can have an incredible property year in and year out. Bullock’s Hardscapes is the premier hardscaping company in Raleigh which is why we are committed to offering superior service while providing hardscaping for Raleigh homes at a competitive price. Our team is courteous and has the skills to customize your property to reflect your lifestyle and enhance the value of your Raleigh property.

At Bullocks Hardscapes, the key to our success is your complete satisfaction. Because our reputation is built on satisfied customers, all of our services and products are 100% guaranteed. We take pride in the appearance of your Raleigh property and that is why we use quality products and industry leading hardscaping techniques in the process.