Hardscapes Raleigh, NC

At Bullock Hardscapes, we are the leading hardscape company in the Triangle and greater central North Carolina area. We provide a wide range of hardscaping services, from design and installation to repair and maintenance. No matter whether you need a decorative or practical structure, we can help! We specialize in all aspects of hardscaping, from non living elements such as patios, gravel paths, and walkways, to retaining walls and outdoor kitchens. We use only the highest quality materials and our team of experienced professionals are experts in hardscape design and installation. Contact us today to see how we can transform your property!

Pool Design, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios, and More!

Choosing a hardscaping or landscaping project with Bullock Hardscapes can be challenging when we have so many to offer! We work with you, whether you have custom needs for a project or want to choose one of our top industry leading services. 

Adding Seasonal Hardscape Elements

One of the biggest differences between Bullock Hardscapes and other hardscaping companies is that we specialized in services that will revamp your outdoor space for the summer! We specialize in fiberglass pool design and installation so that when the weather gets warm, you won’t have to travel to a public pool. If you already have a pool, we also specialize in pool deck design and natural stone outdoor flooring so that you can have more space for tanning and summer fun! We are equipped with various pool deck and patio materials, whether you desire a concrete patio slab design or brick patio design. Compliment your pool with a waterfall or fountain with our water feature design and installation services. All of these services will make your property the place to be on a hot day! 

Innovative Hardscaping Materials and Design

We pride ourselves in using industry leading technology that allows us to generate and map out innovative designs for your hardscape projects. These designs will result in adding modern and cutting edge hardscaping features to your property that will be recognizable by everyone who is admiring your property! Whether you are looking for a sleek new outdoor kitchen or want to brighten up the vibe of your backyard with new outdoor lighting, our design experts work with you to make your property look like the best new thing! To find out more about the innovative changes we can make to your property, get in contact with our hardscaping design professionals today!

Our Safety and Satisfaction Guarantee

At Bullock Hardscapes, we know that big landscaping or hardscaping projects can be stressful for you as a homeowner. While we are working on your property, we ensure to use industry leading work and safety equipment, while all of our workers are fully ensured. Working with us is a walk in the park. We prioritize a full clean up procedure at the end of each job to ensure we do not leave leftover debris on your outdoor living space when we are finished. We leave your property looking better than we found it!

To find out more about how we can revolutionize your property with our industry leading hardscaping services, give us a call today!